Time out


Far away from it all

Every step takes you closer to serenity: While hiking in a reverie along the Meditation Path, you will feel your everyday life receding further into the distance.

  • 87 kilometres long
  • From Wieskirche to Linderhof Palace in the Graswang Valley near Ettal
  • 15 stations, each with a different character (Wieskirche, Soier See, Fatimakapelle, Passionstheater, Kloster Ettal, Ammerquellen and many more)

An extraordinary journey through time

On the Hörnle mountain in Bad Kohlgrub is the “Zeitberg”, officially named in 2003, with 6 newly designed Islands of Tranquillity for relaxing and unwinding. Those who simply want some quality time, uninterrupted and offline, can lock their mobile phone, tablet etc. in the specially provided lockers on the summit.

  • 4.3 km circular walking trail with stations
  • Paths clearly signposted with panels explaining the prehistoric period, breeding season, grazing period and generation time of the Alps
  • Nature’s 3D cinema
  • Reading corner
  • Massage tables to rest upon
  • Mud bath tubs for deep relaxation

Nature’s pharmacy

Mud – a valuable, rediscovered natural remedy for relieving many ailments. The mud from the Alpine mountain pine moorland around Bad Bayersoien and Bad Kohlgrub is a medicine from nature.
It unfolds its therapeutic effects in applications such as mud baths and mud packs:

  • Relieves the joints
  • Beneficially affects the whole system
  • Deeply heats the body
Mud therapy is applied, for example, in cases of:
  • Arthrosis
  • Gout
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Muscular rheumatism
  • Osteoporosis
  • ...

There’s no pressure or work stress here

Come visit the Ammergau Alps to relax! The wellness divisions of various establishments in the region offer (usually for a fee):

  • Massages
  • Body packs
  • Sauna areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Beauty salons
  • „Day Spas“