Pancake soup
Clear soup with shredded pancakes
€ 6,50
Homemade goulash soup
big cup with aromatic farmhouse bread
€ 6,90
€ 8,90
Potato soup with marjoram
big cup with a pair of sausages and bread
€ 6,00
€ 8,90
Beef bouillon
with semolina dumpling
with liver dumplings

€ 6,50
€ 6,50
Traditional bavarian „wedding soup“
with shredded pan cakes, semolina and liver dumplings
€ 8,50

Starters and salads

Bavarian bread spread trio
Obatzda (cheese cream), Schmalz (lard cream), garlic butter, bread
€ 9,80
vegan spread trio
carrot, beetroot and yellow peppers with bread
€ 9,80
Mixed Vegetables
different kind of vegetables
€ 4,90
mixed salad
several fresh leaf and raw salads, vinaigrette and french dressing
€ 5,90
Salad bowl
several fresh leaf and raw salads, toast and butter
Chef: with ham, cheese and egg
€ 13,90
House: with tuna, anti-pasti-vegetables, onions, olives € 14,50

Hot dishes

Filet of char
roasted in almond butter, potatoes, side salad
€ 23,90
Wiener Schnitzel
breaded escalope, with french fries,
mountain cranberry jam, mixed salad

from pork
from veal

€ 17,90
€ 22,90
Sirloin steak
with roasted onions, jus,
rösti (fried pancake of grated potatoes), green beans
€ 25,90
Mixed grill
medallions from beef and pork, sausages, bacon,
hollandaise sauce, and French fried potatoes, salad
€ 26,50
Rump steak
grilled tomato, French fried potatoes, herb butter, salad
€ 25,90

Bavarian specialties

Vegetable Rösti
Fried mixed vegetables on a fried potato omelette
gratinated with sauce hollandaise and cheese from Ettal
€ 11,90
Bavarian plate
Roasted pork, several sausages, sauerkraut and bread dump
€ 18,50
Ammergauer Knödel Gröstl
fried slices of dumplings, with bacon bits, egg, salad
€ 13,90
Swabian noodles, served in a pan, with roasted onions, salad
€ 14,90
pork medallions in cream sauce, cheese spaetzle
roasted onions, served in a pan
€ 18,50
Roasted pork
with dark beer sauce, potato dumpling, red cabbage
€ 16,50
Farmer’s omelet
with pieces of roasted meet, onions, mixed salad
€ 14,80
Goulash of venison
red cabbage, Swabian noodles, mountain cranberry jam
€ 20,90

Our house plates - from 6:00 p.m. and 2 person minimum

We serve a starter salad to all of our warm plates. After the dinner a „schnaps“ or Espresso is waiting for you.

Snack plate „Ammergau
rustic snack with several kinds of pork sausage, cheese from Ettal cold meat, lard in a small bowl, radishes, mixed pickles, aromatic farm house bread and butter
p.P. € 16,90
Post horn plate
medallion of pork, beef tournedos, pork escalope, roasted bacon, sausages, sauce hollandaise, vegetables, dauphine potatoes, French fried potatoes
p.P. € 25,00
Ammergauer Bauernschmaus
roast pork, sausages, smoked and roast meat from the grill, dark beer sauce, sauerkraut, bread and potato dumplings
p.P. € 19,90
Grilled Entrecote double
double sirloin steak, vegetables, grilled tomatoes, potato rösti, potato croquettes, sauce béarnaise, herb butter
p.P. € 27,90


Cheese plate „Ammergau“
several types of cheese from the cheese dairy Ettal,
with fig mustard and aromatic farm house bread
€ 15,80

Münchner Weißwürste
veal sausages with pretzel and sweet mustard
2 pieces
3 pieces
extra pretzel

€ 7,90
€ 9,90
€ 2,00
Post plate
rustic snack plate with several types of pork sausages
cheese from Ettal smoked meat, lard in a small bow
aromatic farm house bread and butter
€ 16,90
Bavarian sausage salad
pork sausages in vinegar and oil
with onions rings and aromatic farm house bread
€ 11,50

Sweets and desserts

You will find more deserts an our ice cream menu

Homemade “Kaiserschmarrn”
as a main course
as a dessert
€ 11,90
€ 8,90
Apple strudel with custard sauce
as a main course
as a dessert
€ 9,50
€ 6,90
chocolate soufflé
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€ 8,90
Apple fritters with custard sauce € 7,90


opening hours: Our restaurant is open all day from 11:30h-21:00h. No day of rest. Afternoon (14:00h-17:30h) we serve a smaller menu only


News & Information

28. August 2023 News & Information

We wish you all a wonderful welcome on our website!

Our restaurant is opened daily and the kitchen is operating from 11:30h - 21:00h.


We are on holiday from 19th February to 14th March,

We are looking forward for your bookings!

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